Siam is the original name which foreigners use when they talk about the nation with the identity for art, culture, and the way of life including friendly smiles, and the most important thing is the taste of foods of the nation situated in the Southeast Asia, which is currently known as “Thailand.”

Thai food is the most unique identity for the nation. Each Thai dish is meticulously prepared and cooked with select raw ingredients such as meat, vegetable, and Thai herbs, and with full attention of the chef. It is delicious with mixed tastes of sourness, sweetness, saltiness, and spiciness, which are palatable for everybody. Moreover, the Thai food is charmed with the delicate and beautiful decoration before it is served. So the most important thing in eating Thai food is not only the taste, but also the happiness of experiencing the beauty of the food that has the unique identity with which no other foods can match. As said, happiness one can taste, see, and feel.

At Siam, a Thai restaurant in Orlando,Florida, you can experience the best taste of Thai foods that are served with friendliness and atmosphere reflecting the uniqueness of Thais, which will impress you like you are in Thailand.